SMART Engineering Solutions & Technologies (SMARTEST)

The SMARTEST research center,  founded in November 2015 at eCampus University by its professors and researchers in the Computer Science, Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation fields, is primarily aimed at studying, designing, developing, and optimizing applications based on innovative ICT solutions, in the context of a multidisciplinary framework, to address theoretic and technological problems in the fields of computer science, electronics, telecommunications, and automation. Basic and applied research is carried out in mathematics, physics and economy as well.

Aims and Objectives

More specifically, the research center activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the participation in research and development projects with a local, national, European and international scope;

  • consulting and collaboration with enterprises, consortia, other research centers, public and private bodies; the center puts itself up as a workshop at the highest level of competence for the strategic resolution of engineering problems and technology transfer;

  • training and instruction services for enterprises, consortia, other research centers both public and private;

  • basic research and technological innovation in the broad range of disciplines that are covered by the scientists collaborating with the center;

  • the design and development of products and services of high scientific and technological relevance, to be deployed both through open channels and as commercial solutions;

  • the enactment of technology transfer, also by means of the constitution of university spin-offs;

  • the support of mobility and collaboration with other university centers and departments, in national and international contexts;

  • the dissemination of research results by means of scientific journal articles, workshops, seminars, courses, and conferences, with both national and international scope; furthermore, the center will be promoting meetings and events of high scientific relevance at the headquarters of eCampus University