• Application of big data mining techniques for hospital data analysis, 2016 – , Research Head: Prof. Pietro Ducange:
    Since November 2016, prof. Ducange has been the Coordinator of a research activity carried out in collaboration with the “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza”, which is a very important research Hospital in the South of Italy. The activity of the project will deal with the analysis and prediction of the path of patients within the hospital and their outpatient visits. Moreover, a support decision system will be designed and developed for dealing with diagnosis and prognosis of geriatric diseases.


  • Educational Big Data Mining: How to Enhance Virtual Learning Environments, 2016 – , Research Head: Prof. Pietro Ducange:
    Since March 2016, prof. Ducange has been the Coordinator of a research activity, funded by the eCampus University, in the context of analyzing and exploiting the huge amount of data generated by the Virtual Learning Environments of online Universities. After the first feasibility study, carried out during the 2016, now the researchers are studying how to extract “useful knowledge” and transform that knowledge into added value: the objective is to improve the educational services, effectively monitor the course of study of each student, offer tools  for adapting eLearning techniques according to the needs of students, etc.


  • EvalPSP, 2015-2016, Research Head: Prof. Pietro Ducange:
    Project in conjunction with a Swiss company, leader in the logistics sector. The objective was to evaluate the performances of heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms, used to solve the task-resource allocation problem.


  • PharmaSync, 2015, Research Head: Prof. Riccardo Botteri:
    Project aiming to implement an application intefrated platform, able to automatically deduct expenses for medicines in the pre-filled income tax return.


  • ANFOS, 2016, Research Head: Prof. Riccardo Botteri: 
    Project with the objective of providing an eLearning platform for distance courses. The project is in charge of the ILIS research group.


  • Thermal design and support to the development of the flight calibrator (OBCT) of the MWI tool onto METOP satellite, 2016, Research Head: Dott. Luca Terenzi:
    The opearating scheme of the MicroWave Imager (MWI), mounted on board of  MetOp – Second Generation satellites, is based on the cpntinuous comparison with an internal calibrator. This must have the charachteristics of an almost ideal black body at the observation frequencies, showing a high emissivity  and stability and homogeneity features. The project aims to realize a thermal design of the device, optimized to fulfill the aforementioned requirements.